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NEW! Updated planter V2 package now has a removable top and clear cylinder!

Planting outdoors is a great way to spend spring and summer. But for those of us who have extremely cold weather during the winter, why should we have to lose our beautiful plants? Even when it’s too hot outside, why not keep a greenhouse indoors? With this cylindrical green house Approximately 12 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter, you can plant almost any small flower indoors to liven up any space. A minimalistic design allows you to place this desktop greenhouse on any window sill.

Kit version requires a plastic or CA glue.

NEW! The updated planter V2 kit now has an assembly video! (This may also be helpful for the original kit, but the steps are not the same):

Original Kit Instructions (pieces are labeled in the package with ascending numbers):

1. Slide the transparency sheet (1) into the base socket (2). There’s a thin ring along the inside that it will slide about 1/4” into.

2. Place the top ring (3) on the top of the transparency. Follow a similar method for inserting the transparency as you did with the base.

4. Reach into the planter base (2) and glue around the inside of the wall ensuring you are also gluing the transparency into place.

5. Then glue the top ring (3) and transparency together in a similar fashion as with the base. Make sure the planter is upside down on a table (while you lift it up slightly) to make sure the glue doesn’t run down the transparency.

6. Glue the outer spine (4) to the outside of the transparency along where the two edges meet. Next glue the inner spine (5) on the inside of the seam so that it slides down to the recessed transparency socket in the base (2).

7. Ensure that all bonds are glued securely. The lid (6) is easily removable and does not get glued on. Simply place it on top or leave it to the side for customizable moisture concentration!


Version 1, Version 2


Black, White, Gold, Orange, Red, Blue


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