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Customer Projects gallery

Standing at 2 feet tall and weighing in at over 20 lbs, this Hulk was a huge undertaking. One of my most enjoyable projects now, it began my journey into realistic figure painting.

Halloween is such a great time for cosplay. For this project, I worked with the customer to make a drag-safe sword made from foam and 3D printing. The handle is printed, and the sword is made from an insulation foam with a metal spine running down the tip to protect the foam.

As a Halloween prop, this costume is a mash-up of multiple characters. But it’s still cool to see Clouds sword from Final Fantasy made in combination of 3D printing and foam-working.

One of the earliest and creative designs from a customer on Etsy. After purchasing a custom color swirl vase designed by 3Dwinnipeg, this customer creatively decorated their office space!