COVID-19 Masks (for use with P3 filters)


With the COVID-19 outbreak, you can never be too careful protecting others and slowing the spread. These masks are great for almost any use where a proper filter is used. Printed in Natural PLA plastic (and with a stainless steel nozzle), these masks are industrially recyclable!

Each Mask is cleaned and sanitized with a 91% IPA solution.

Mask only, filter not included.


Disclaimer from the designer ( lafactoria3d ):

This model has not been approved by any regulatory agency. Use it at your own risk, and only as a last resort, if you do not have any other homologous protection. The recommended measures to protect yourself from infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 are the following:

• Stay home and avoid contact with other people
• Avoid touching your face with your hands
• Wash your hands very often

Note: This model only includes the mask structure (3 pieces) but does not include the required filter to effectively block the spread of the virus. Also, additional isolation measures could be required to properly fit the face without air gaps. Please check the comments for more information shared by other users about the types of filters that could apply to a mask with these characteristics. The effectiveness of P3 particle filters has been mentioned, and probably also HEPA 12/13, but unfortunately we do not have the means of analysis necessary to confirm this with guarantees. Again we remind you to use this model at your own risk.

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